Powering the Lightning Network
LQwD provides an opportunity to participate in a unique and important technological advancement in the financial market, Bitcoin as an asset, and the infrastructure powering it's layer 2 payment solution in the Lightning Network.

Why Invest In LQwD?

  • Bitcoin Exposure

    We have Bitcoin on our balance sheet which we are deploying on the Lightning Network.

  • Lightning Network Growth

    We make it easy for companies to integrate and use Bitcoin’s fast growing Lightning Network payment system.

  • Fintech & Payments

    We provide clients Lightning Network Infrastructure as a service, and earn fees by staking our Bitcoin on the network.

Shares outstanding: 97,580,807
Fully diluted shares:134,199,952

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as a Global Monetary Network

We see Bitcoin and Lightning Network as the largest and most secure decentralized monetary network in the world – enabling seamless value transfer across the globe. It does it quickly, efficiently and at minimum cost.

LQwD’s growth strategy is to secure a significant presence on the rapidly growing Lightning Network to secure future fees from growing transaction volume.

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  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Our Products

    A Scalable Lightning Network Platform with an Upside

    We’re harnessing new payment rails built on top of the bitcoin blockchain, that are capable of Visa-level transaction volumes, moving money both quickly and efficiently.

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  • Our Leadership
  • Leadership

    Believers with Experience

    Bold, passionate and with genuine team chemistry: committed to building real value through each stage of growth.

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