Accelerating the global mega trend of bitcoin adoption through the Lightning Network
LQwD provides an opportunity to participate in a unique and important technological advancement in the financial market, bitcoin as an asset, and the infrastructure powering it's layer 2 payment solution in the Lightning Network.

LQwD Opportunity

  • Bitcoin Exposure

    LQwD is securing a substantial position in Bitcoin, the world's first, most secure, and most widely adopted virtual currency. With increased global adoption, a fixed supply, built-in deflationary properties, and expanded utility in payments through the Lightning Network, virtual currency values should continue to grow into the next decade.

  • Lightning Network

    LQwD has developed software infrastructure to support growth and usage of the Lightning Network, and established payment channels across the ecosystem. Lightning is a layer-2 technology built on top of bitcoin blockchain that enables instantaneous, low-fee transactions. It solves scaling, the last roadblock to mass, global Bitcoin adoption.

  • Rapid Growth Industry

    The global revolution of virtual currencies is reinventing money and finance in front of our eyes. This explosion of virtual currency gives individuals far greater control over their money: they can save, earn, send, receive and transact 24 hours a day at minimal cost. And the pace of – and opportunity for – innovation is only growing.

Shares outstanding: 97,580,807
Fully diluted shares:134,199,952

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as a Global Monetary Network

We see the Bitcoin blockchain and Lightning Network as the largest and most secure decentralized monetary network in the world – enabling seamless value transfer across the globe.

It does it quickly, efficiently and at minimum cost.

This network will inevitably eclipse the patchwork of legacy financial networks that are used to move value today.

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  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Our Products

    A Scalable Lightning Network Platform with an Upside

    We’re harnessing new payment rails built on top of the bitcoin blockchain, that are capable of Visa-level transaction volumes, moving money both quickly and efficiently.

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  • Our Leadership
  • Leadership

    Believers with Experience

    Bold, passionate and with genuine team chemistry: committed to building real value through each stage of growth.

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