Bitcoin Is Not Just for Techies & Billionaires

It’s all over the news. Multi-billion-dollar corporations, investment trusts and billionaires alike are buying substantial amounts of Bitcoin.

What many may not realize is that there are millions of others, regular folks and regular investors, buying it from all over the world. Nearly 70 million bitcoin blockchain wallets have been established on wallet provider alone—and that number continues to grow exponentially.

There are many good reasons why investors are buying Bitcoin; however, at Interlapse, we’re looking at the future impact and profound effect this game-changing technology will have on global finance. Already, the value of the bitcoin blockchain has a larger market value than the world’s three largest banks…combined.

Simply put, Bitcoin is a “trust” protocol that makes decentralized finance possible. It is not just a Bitcoin, it is a powerful technology that is the key driver for evolution of the internet. And when you buy some, you’re buying a piece of critical technology.

A significant accelerant for decentralization is the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Among the Lightning Network’s many applications, its most obvious is how it is set to dramatically increase Bitcoin adoption. The secret sauce of Bitcoin Lightning Network? How it can facilitate near instant peer-to-peer micro-payments for pennies. Lightning speed…the lighting network. And it’s highly scalable, too.