It’s Not Only Jack Dorsey That’s All Over the Lightning Network

What does a Euro-based cryptocurrency exchange and a 40,000 square foot Las Vegas Gentleman’s Club have in common? Both are embracing the power of the Lightning Network and have been in the news on how it enhances their business’s, especially when it comes to speed, cost efficiency and privacy when running transactions.

Lightning’s adoption by crypto exchanges and entertainment venues alike, will no doubt smooth the way for the network’s increasing mainstream usage. And this is great news for LQwD Fintech Corp. because we are establishing Lightning Network nodes and institutional grade payment channels, positioning the Company to capitalize on this game changing technology opportunity, which is now growing at an explosive rate.

Faster, cheaper, and secure? Yes please!

Crazy Horse 3, named one of the “Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas” by Thrillist, adopted Bitcoin for a range of services, from admission, to food, to the club’s signature “dance dollars” currency used for tipping entertainers. And the club’s Bitcoin payment processing partner, Open Node, is harnessing the power of the Lightning Network’s payment channels not only for its lightning speed payments, but also for substantially reducing transaction costs. More >

Meanwhile, crypto asset exchange NordikCoin, announced they’ll be implementing Lightning Network protocols into their platform. Currently in beta for its ‘expert’ level traders, NordikCoin is citing Lightning’s main benefits as being dramatically faster with minimal transaction fees, and its off-chain payment channels as a positive privacy feature. High fees have been an issue with transferring crypto assets in centralized exchanges, so this was welcome news to their users.  More >