LQwD Goes Global

Over the last few months, LQwD has been launching nodes all across Europe, Asia and the USA. 

LQwD’s expansion is strategic, our nodes now include US-West (Oregon), France, Italy, Ireland, England, Sweden, Germany, Singapore and Indonesia. Each routing node is experiencing growth in Bitcoin transactions and connected nodes and channels.  The liquidity that is flowing through these nodes earns fees with each transaction routed between connected nodes. 

LQwD’s first launched node, US-West, launched in Oregon, has seen the largest amount of growth.  Not surprisingly of course, according to rankings on rewardexpert.com, Oregon was in the top 10 out of the US states in terms of Bitcoin infrastructure readiness. The state has seen many small retail businesses accepting cryptocurrency as payment which makes it a ripe centre for Lightning payments. 

LQwD seeks to tap into the emerging phenomenon of blockchain hubs being formed around the world. We have seen El Salvador establishing a Bitcoin City from scratch and, most recently, Switzerland added a fourth blockchain hub in the city of Lugano. Lightning plays a prominent role in these hubs whether it be through payment providers, such as Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, or through education as Lugano has proposed. It is something that LQwD is looking closely into.

LQwD’s continuous growth of its routing nodes is a strong indicator that the network trusts LQwD’s nodes and means that the company is well on its way to becoming a recognised provider of channel liquidity and payment processing across the Lightning Network. The recognition of LQwD as a trusted Lightning Service Provider (LSP) will grow alongside the growth of the Lightning Network as a whole.