LQwD closes the TSX Venture Exchange

LQwD Fintech Corp.’s team joined Monica Hamm, Manager, Client Success at TMX Group, to celebrate the Company’s new listing on TSX Venture Exchange and close the market. “We are very excited as a team to be the first publicly traded Lightning Network company,” said Shone Anstey, LQwD Chairman and…

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LQwD CEO talks about bringing Lightning to the masses

Shone Anstey, CEO of LQwD Fintech Corp., spoke with the Canadian Bitcoiner’s Podcast about how Lightning Network is the next step in the Bitcoin evolution, and how LQwD is propelling the industry forward with our PaaS (Platform as a Service) products for the lightning network. As the Podcast states:…

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Cointelegraph: LQwD becomes the first public Lightning Network company

Cointelegraph recently featured LQwD, highlighting that it is the first public Lightning Network company listed on both the TSX Venture Exchange and the OTCQB. LQwD is determined to acquire new, emerging tech businesses that accelerate its growth in the Lightning Network space — as well as to work with…

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Activity Versus Achievement

Interlapse has a clear strategic plan to achieve its milestones, thus allowing our highly experienced team to remain straight...

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Lightning Network Will Drive Bitcoin Adoption and Price

In a Q&A at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, venture capital mogul Tim Draper spoke bullishly of the Lighting Network, indicating that innovations in the Lightning Network would be key in propelling the Bitcoin price higher.

Lightning Network is somewhat (I will explain more below) of a payment processor…

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Bitcoin Is Not Just for Techies & Billionaires

It’s all over the news. Multi-billion-dollar corporations, investment trusts and billionaires alike are buying substantial amounts of Bitcoin.

What many may not realize is that there are millions of others, regular folks and regular investors, buying it from all over the world. Nearly 70 million bitcoin blockchain wallets have been…

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Limitless Blockchain

Blockchain is a game-changing baseline technology that will benefit the many, from local start-ups to national governments. It can be designed in seemingly endless configurations for a multitude of purposes, wherever information is transferred and validated.

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