A Tweet for Lightning

As far back as July 2020, Jack Dorsey of Twitter had been suggesting that, one day, Twitter will have some kind of integration with Bitcoin. That day has finally come. Because, on September 23, Twitter announced it was introducing Tips, a new Bitcoin tipping feature that would take Lightning payments. The new service will be available, initially, to iPhone users. Tips can be used for paying tips to well-known online services like Patreon, Venmo and, soon, GoFundMe. Twitter plans to roll Tips out to Android users during October.

So far, Tips will not be making payments natively. Instead, Strike will be powering them. Strike is the same company that is helping the El Salvadoran government with its current rollout of Lightning-enabled Bitcoin wallets. In fact, Jack Mallers, the Strike CEO, announced on the 23rd that the participating online services will receive Strike’s API in the next few weeks.

So, things are moving forward for Twitter’s implementation of the Lightning Network. This is another breakthrough for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Twitter has 206 million active users. Soon, those users can reward each other’s great tweets by tipping with Lightning.

Check out the blog post announcement from Twitter here >