Digital Gold Now Becomes Digital Payments.

The Lightning Network will advance Bitcoin from a store-of-value to a global monetary network through payment utility.

Why LQwD?

A New, Tech-Driven Business Frontier

The lightning network is the future monetary network.  It is scalable, global, open, inclusive, permissionless, and decentralized.

LQwD has secured 100 Bitcoin, and will use its holdings to establish nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network, and to operate decentralized applications – including “layer two” technology – such as the Lightning Network.

Even in its infancy, Lightning Network is already proving to be a force for global change. And leveraging the power of bitcoin LQwD platforms will take full advantage of the opportunities presented today and into the future.

Shares outstanding: 97,580,807
Fully diluted shares: 134,199,952

A Globally Connected Mega Trend

The Lightning Network will propel the growing number of active blockchain wallets to new heights, by increasing Bitcoin’s scalability and lowering its fees for users. For coming generations, everything from wealth to experiences will be acquired and transacted upon virtually – and we see the Lightning Network as something that can bring Bitcoin from hundreds of millions of users to a billion+ users globally.

The Increasing Speed of Technology Adoption

Technological progress and consumer adoption are rising at exponential rates. Consumers have increased connectivity, which enables new products to get into their hands in the blink of an eye.

Bitcoin, often compared to the Internet revolution of the 90s, is being adopted at a breakneck pace by governments, private industry NGOs and utilities. The full extent of Bitcoin’s long-term impact on society won’t be fully known for years, but its dramatic rate of adoption and its revenue growth — already, today — can’t be disputed.

Adoption of Technologies to 50 Million Users