Nodes & Network - Lightning Network infrastructure enabling the distribution of value virtually & globally - usable anywhere in the world.


“LQwD’s Lightning Network node-as-a-service platform empowers institutions, business and investors by making it easy to integrate and use the Lightning Network. It is designed to be highly scalable and adaptive to the incredible growth of the Lightning Network, which allows for millions of Bitcoin transactions to be made in seconds.”

Shone Anstey, CEO

  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Transact With Bitcoin Using the Lightning Network.

    • Leverage the LQwD Lightning Network infrastructure to send payments globally, instantly, cheaply
    • Integrate new payment infrastructure to your business or web property
    • Harness the ability to leverage P2P, streaming or micropayments
    • Control your own payment rails
    • Scalable and can be used worldwide

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  • Ion Mining - Cryptocurrency mining operation
  • LQwD LN Platform 

    Secure, scalable cloud-based PaaS for LN Infrastructure deployment and management 

    • Easily deploy, monitor and manage LN nodes 
    • Transact on LN with ease 
    • No low-level technical knowledge required 
    • API access to LN nodes 
    • We take care of the difficult parts 

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