Nodes & Network – Lightning Network infrastructure enabling the distribution of value virtually & globally – usable anywhere in the world.

Lightning Network Infrastructure For Global Scale.

We are looking forward to the commercial launch of our Lightning Network Node-as-a-Service platform as well as supporting other companies and service providers that share the same ambition in supporting the Lightning Network ecosystem at large.

Shone Anstey, CEO

  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Transact With Bitcoin Using the Lightning Network.

    • Leverage the LQwD Lightning Network infrastructure to send payments globally, instantly, cheaply
    • Integrate new payment infrastructure to your business or web property
    • Harness the ability to leverage P2P, streaming or micropayments
    • Control your own payment rails
    • Scalable and can be used worldwide

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  • Ion Mining - Cryptocurrency mining operation
  • LQwD LN Platform 

    Secure, scalable cloud-based PaaS for LN Infrastructure deployment and management 

    • Easily deploy, monitor and manage LN nodes 
    • Transact on LN with ease 
    • No low-level technical knowledge required 
    • API access to LN nodes 
    • We take care of the difficult parts 

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